Suraj Shah

A native of Minneapolis, Suraj came to Hopkins to pursue a Biomedical Engineering degree, ultimately realizing his passion for digital health therapeutics while also completing a Computer Science minor. He has applied his quantitative skills to business strategy and growth by raising over $150,000 for a CBID Design startup, Accuo. Suraj will build on this intersection as a management consulting intern at A.T. Kearney this summer. Suraj’s focus on entrepreneurship led him to lead MedHacks, the nation’s premier medical hackathon, growing the event to over 650 participants, and crafting strong partnerships with key sponsors that have led to early-stage commercializations. At A-Level Capital, he has focused on sourcing healthcare companies, but has also grown fond of social impact and SaaS businesses as well. In his free time, Suraj can be seen in the weight room, improving his overall fitness while pursuing a personal trainer certification.