Shreya Singh

Shreya discovered her passion for computational neuroscience research while growing up next door to the Janelia Research Campus, where she was able to conduct research in the field from a young age. Following these pursuits, she is currently a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, focusing on Biomedical Data Science to help understand how to utilize the world’s growing amount of data to solve health-based problems. She is part of a data science team engineering a forecasting tool for children with acute respiratory syndrome; the first trial phase is upcoming in the Johns Hopkins Pediatric ICU. Her interest in emerging technologies took her to Cape Town her freshman summer, where she worked as a Data Science analyst at Invictus Capital, the first all-coin cryptocurrency index fund. Shreya brings her fascination with these innovative spaces to A-Level, where she continues to learn about ways that companies apply data science and blockchain technologies. She will further explore venture capital at Greenspring Associates this summer. Outside of academia, Shreya is an avid reader of both philosophy and the occasional conspiracy theory.