Pranay Orugunta

Pranay Orugunta is a junior at Hopkins majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics, minoring in Entrepreneurship & Management and graduating in May 2018. He has He has also worked two summers at Moody’s Corporation, conducting public debt analysis and working as a financial / software engineer. Pranay has always been interested in private placements in healthcare companies, whether it be in PE or VC, and was actually why he chose to pursue a Biomedical Engineering degree at Hopkins. He joined A-Level Capital as a student partner in May of 2015 as he was motivated to create an environment in which students in the Baltimore and DC area would have ample resources available to help develop rudimentary thoughts into robust companies. On campus, he is also involved with the Salant Investment Team, where he focuses on healthcare long equity pitches. After his undergraduate experience, Pranay plans to enter the field of investment banking and potentially transfer into the field of healthcare PE/VC down the road.