Paul Grossinger

Paul Grossinger is a New York entrepreneur, syndicating angel, and early stage venture capitalist. As the founder of L&M Media, which he created at Johns Hopkins, and Pervasive Group, he learned how to build sustainable businesses on limited fundraising. Pervasive has won awards from New York Tech Meetup, International CES, CTIA, MobileCon, and the New Jersey Venture Conference. He then founded two affinity syndicates: Gaingels, the first syndicate investing in LGBT entrepreneurs, and Blue Jay Syndicate to back Johns Hopkins entrepreneurs. Gaingels has grown to 90 members worldwide and invested in seven companies since its inception in August 2014. As an angel, he has invested in 47 companies, including standouts Mycotechnology, Epi.ep, Puzzle Social, Fusion Seven, and Imperative, three Hopkins-founded startups, Quantified Care, Atlas, Sonavex, and five fund families.