Elliot Kim

Elliot Kim is a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Economics and Social Policy. While in college, he co-founded Brevitē, an innovative camera backpack company which incorporates today's lifestyle and design to meet the needs of highly active and mobile customers, successfully launching and securing early-stage funding through Kickstarter in the process. To date, Brevitē has generated orders from over 25 countries globally. In addition to his entrepreneurial experience during college, Elliot has participated in numerous internships including the White House, State Street Bank, and most recently the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Elliot admires humility as an important human quality and considers service to others an important component of his life goal. He has worked with a number of nonprofit and inner-city organizations to promote youth empowerment and engagement. From his experiences, Elliot has developed a strong interest in impact investing to achieve positive changes in our society in addition to achieving solid financial returns. He believes this could be one of the most effective solutions to combating many social challenges facing the world and our society today.