Joshua Wang

Joshua Weiyuan Wang was born and raised in sunny Singapore before traveling to Imperial College London in the United Kingdom earning a first class honors degree in Biology.  Following college, Joshua accepted a Margaret Lee Fellowship to complete his Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. During his time at Johns Hopkins as a Ph.D. candidate, Joshua became interested in entrepreneurship, bio-tech business development and investing with a focus on venture capital. Joshua is currently a co-founder of PathoVax LLC (USA) and PathoVax Pte Ltd (Singapore) whereby the focus is developing a next generation Human Papillomavirus vaccine. This vaccine hails from his Ph.D. thesis advisor’s laboratory whereby he con-currently holds a post-doctoral fellow position.  Joshua is also a believer in life-long education and is serving as a director of education with the Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club providing Business Essential Lectures to graduate students.  He is excited to be part of the mentoring team at A-level Capital and hopes to further help facilitate entrepreneurial endeavors at Johns Hopkins.