What is A-Level Capital?

A-Level Capital is a student-led venture firm that works with early-stage companies started by Johns Hopkins students, alumni, and community members. We're a talented group of folks that loves building businesses, growing the Baltimore/DC startup ecosystem, and having fun while we're at it.

Who is part of A-Level Capital?

The A-Level Capital team consists of a variety of professionals, students, and academics. For detailed information on each member, meet our Team.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

A-Level Capital currently invests in startup companies with at least one Johns Hopkins University student, alumni, or community member on the core founding team. We do have a lot of interest to expand the scope of our presence to other universities, so stay tuned for potential updates on A-Level Capital coming to a university near you.

How do I receive funding?

In order to receive funding, you must apply here. If selected, you will be assigned a student due diligence team that will start building a relationship with you to learn more about your business. Teams that pass initial due diligence, are then invited to pitch in front of the entire student investment team who reviews your materials and due diligence, discusses outstanding concerns and questions, and then comes to a vote regarding investing in your company. The final step of the investment process is approval by our advisory board.  

How much funding do companies receive? 

A-Level Capital’s goal is to fund a large number of JHU student and alumni companies to rapidly grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We plan to invest in 80 exceptional early stage startups over the next five years. In general, we invest $5,000-$25,000 as the first check into our portfolio companies. With additional traction and growth, we may also join other investors in the next funding round up to $50,000. 

What form does the funding take?

Our mission is to be as founder friendly as possible. Therefore, we typically invest on extremely simple convertible note terms. If your startup is a bit further along and has already received prior investment, we are flexible on working with the terms already set by other investors.

Is A-Level Capital an accelerator or incubator?

A-Level Capital is a venture capital firm. We are not an accelerator or an incubator. We invest in student and alumni startups at the earliest stages. Similar to many other top VC firms, we do provide value beyond just our $$ investment. We do this in five major ways:

  1. Advisors & Mentorship: We have brought together an incredible group of advisors and mentors that are leading players in the tech industry and have volunteered their time and expertise to help our portfolio companies succeed.
  2. Partnerships: We have secured partnerships with major organizations that can save your startup hundreds of thousands of dollars as you get your business up and running.
  3. Team Support: We support our portfolio companies 24/7. Whether it’s helping recruit interns, talking through business models, rethinking your sales process, or connecting you with clients, our team has your back. Whatever you need, just ask.
  4. Network: We believe in the power of network. Therefore, we ask our portfolio companies to actively engage in our internal network and band together to help each other achieve success. Within our current portfolio, companies have gone on to join Y Combinator, TechStars, Entrepreneur’s Roundtable Accelerator and other prestigious programs. All of our portfolio companies have access to an internal slack group, that streamlines connectivity and makes getting advice as easy as picking up your phone.

  5. Follow-On Financing: Many of our investors and advisors are angel investors and VCs in their full-time roles. We have built a strong network to help your company find appropriate follow-on financing when the time is right. 

How can we get in touch with A-Level Capital?

Our student team aims to be as accessible as possible for entrepreneurs. We are often at startup events on campus, speak in entrepreneurship classes, and attend demo days and business plan competitions. We partner with Innovation Factory, the Private Equity & Venture Capital club, and other tech & entrepreneurship-focused student organizations to maximize our reach in the Johns Hopkins Community.

We also host our own events and office hours to encourage networking and open communication within the community. Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and sign up for our mailing list to make sure you receive the latest updates. You can also reach out to us at info@alevelcapital.com with any questions or comments.

Press Inquiries? Press Kit?

We have many incredible stories to share with you. Please contact us at info@alevelcapital.com for press inquiries and access to our press kit.