Andrew Chen


Andrew has worked with startups for over 20 years both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Most recently, he served as CEO of WegoWise, a building efficiency analytics platform that has defined building performance standards for the multi-family housing industry.  With WegoWise, he saw an opportunity to leverage the power of IT into the efficiency market and offer an encompassing data platform to integrate building performance with sustainable real estate management practices. He continues to serve on the board to help guide the company’s strategic positioning. 

Prior to WegoWise, Andrew worked as a venture capitalist and invested, monitored or served on the boards of portfolio companies including Zipcar, Acelero Learning, SelecTech, CASTion, and TracRac.  During his investing career, Andrew worked with companies built around innovative business models that were both financially successful and address societal challenges. 

Andrew graduated from Johns Hopkins with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering.  He then traded the Baltimore humidity for the Boston cold and received his S.M. and Ph.D. from MIT where his research focused on materials processing and technology commercialization.